Management Team

Timothy Hapeman

Vice President, Portfolio Management, Planet Management Group

As Vice President of Portfolio Management, Timothy Hapeman uses data analytics and reporting to drive strategic decision-making for Planet Management Group clients. He gives clients insights at the loan, portfolio, and aggregate deal levels through transparent reports comparing factors such as actual loan migration, payment velocity, security eligibility, expense trending, and trend analysis to original expectations.

Before joining PMG, Tim was Vice President of Reporting and Analytics at Seneca Mortgage Servicing. He’s held management roles at Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual/North American Mortgage Company, where he managed foreclosure, bankruptcy, claims, and real estate owned.

Tim was also directly involved with the servicing acquisitions and sales associated with the mergers of Anchor/Dime, Dime/North American and North American/Washington Mutual, as well as numerous non-performing bulk sales to private investors.


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