Management Team

Sandra Jarish

President, Planet Management Group

A results-driven leader, Sandra Jarish is known for adapting technology to deliver deep insight to investors and single-point-of-contact loss mitigation to customers. Her ability to turn non-performing borrowers into re-performing borrowers has made Planet Home Lending a legend among EBO nerds.

Jarish continually sets the servicing bar ever higher by boosting transparency for clients, winning ratings upgrades, passing reviews and audits with clean results, and gaining default sub-servicing contracts from Wall Street investment firms and bank regulators.

Jarish has been with Planet Home Lending from its beginnings in 2007. Under her watch, it became the first mortgage company to win full Ginnie Mae issuer-approval based on its track record as a servicer. Prior to Planet Home Lending, Jarish was Vice President of Servicing at Mortgage Lenders Network, USA.