Management Team

Samantha Manfer

Executive Vice President, Business Development, Planet Management Group

Companies seeking to squeeze maximum profitability from mortgage assets have turned to Samantha Manfer over the past two decades. A strategic thinker and charismatic leader, Manfer is known for her unique ability to help mortgage bankers, agencies, regulators, investment banks, private equity funds and other investors in real estate assets uncover and execute winning strategies for NP, RPL, high LTVs, high DTIs, residential transition loans (fix and flip,) and high-touch borrowers.

Before joining PMG, Manfer directed business development for Prospect Mortgage and Ameripath Mortgage Co., and worked in warehouse lending for National City Bank. She gained inside knowledge of asset sales and acquisitions while serving as a Vice President in the auction industry and as a Sales Director for a correspondent and bulk acquisitions firm.


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