Comprehensive operations team and servicing platform, acting as a trusted advisor to our partners and providing constructive solutions to investors in real estate-based assets.

Enhancing portfolio and underlying asset value with data-informed strategy development and execution. PMG’s unique combination of asset management proficiency, tactical-edge technology, and operational excellence is unsurpassed in the market.

Our Services

  • +Residential Transition Loans (Fix and Flip)

    As principal investors in Residential Transition Loans (fix and flip), PMG understands the business from the investor’s perspective. Keep deals on track and on time with problem-project management, building code violation resolution, and permit expedition. Our specialized legal network, real estate services, and construction completion teams help minimize losses and reduce foreclosure timelines.

    • Appraisal reviews
    • Draw administration
    • Workout strategies including note sales, foreclosure avoidance
    • Periodic non-draw inspections
    • Rehab construction management
    • Takeout loans
  • +Sub-Servicing

    Agency Sub-Servicing

    Agency sub-servicing competitively priced with the industry’s largest servicers without minimum volume requirements. PMG’s scalable technology offers the capacity and capability to quickly evaluate, prepare, and onboard tight-timeframe transactions.

    • Dedicated portfolio/asset manager backed by transition team
    • Stable, soundly capitalized company
    • Default servicer for multiple federal entities
    • Loan-level and portfolio analytics in a single dashboard
    • 12-year record of success

    Ginnie Mae Servicing

    If we’re not servicing your Ginnie Mae portfolio, you’re leaving money on the table. Historically, our clients increase recovery on government claims. No one gets more value from Ginnie Mae assets than PMG, with our proprietary retention program, modification, and loss analytics model.

  • +Special Servicing

    Benefit from decades of asset management experience with the convenience of having a dedicated portfolio/asset manager. PMG puts the “special” in special servicing. Maximize the value of credit-sensitive loan portfolios, including NP, RPL, high LTVs, high DTIs, residential transition loans (fix and flip), and high-touch borrowers.

    • Time sensitive default management
    • Key KPI management reports
    • Daily extract files
    • Portfolio retention/refinance services
    • Imaged access to collateral, servicing, and origination docs
    • Proven recovery expertise with delinquent portfolios
  • +Small Balance Commercial Loan Servicing

    Special and primary servicing for loans $2M and below that are not eligible for delivery in CMBS market, including multifamily, mixed use, retail, special use, light industrial, Class B office, and transitional property support, including renovation and sub-1.25 DSCR loans.

    • Financial/operational analysis
    • Escrow administration
    • Default management
    • Loan workout restructuring
  • +Real Estate Services

    Complete suite of services to value, renovate, manage, and market a variety of real estate asset classes. Get full retail value for assets backing defaulted loans and owned real estate.

    Real Estate Valuations

    The right real estate strategy starts with an accurate valuation and consideration of the full scope of possible outcomes.

    • As-is and as-renovated appraisals
    • Residential and commercial BPOs
    • AVMs
    • Full MAI appraisals
    • Feasibility studies
    • Market analysis and decisioning

    REO Management

    Preserve and protect commercial or residential asset values through REO management.

    • Property preservation
    • Property inspections
    • Property registration
    • Emergency repairs
    • Leasing
    • Environmental remediation

    Real Estate Brokerage

    PMG's national realty network connects you with local market real estate professionals who can maximize value on the sale of properties.

    • Marketing plans
    • Listings
    • Sales preparation
    • Staging

    Auction Services

    PMG's streamlined auction process generates multiple competitive bids for difficult-to-value properties, unique properties, court-ordered sales, and bulk sales. Our highly experienced auction professionals have successfully sold billions of dollars of real estate.

    Title Services

    PMG's KeyLinkTM Title offers a one-stop shop for residential and commercial title searches, insurance, lien releases, curative title, and endorsements.

  • +Advisory Services

    PMG is your trusted partner offering an array of services to enhance and protect your portfolio.

    Due Diligence Services

    PMG's custom due diligence strategies deliver insight into value and early identification of loan-level and portfolio risks.

    Convenient single source for pre-servicing transfer due diligence, including assignment preparation and file, collateral, valuation, and compliance reviews.

    Servicer Oversight

    Protect portfolio value with custom solutions ranging from full master servicing with cash management to targeted servicer oversight duties, like identification of operational inefficiencies or evaluations of default management effectiveness.

    Loan Sale Advisory

    PMG's loan sale advisors, armed with proprietary analytics models, uncover best execution on portfolio trades.

    • Buyer sourcing
    • Portfolio analysis
    • Pricing
    • Deal prep
    • Marketing
    • Trade execution
    • Post-sale trailing document delivery
Billion in assets under management
Years in Business
Years Average Asset Manager Experience

About Us

Planet Management Group, headquartered in Rochester, New York, is an experienced special servicer managed by executives with over 100 years of combined experience in mortgage servicing, credit risk management, and capital markets activity. Its default management team has over 20 years of experience in default management, loss mitigation, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and REO management.

PMG has sophisticated experience in all aspects of mortgage servicing. It provides constructive solutions to borrowers and has a proven history of success in managing diverse investor portfolios. PMG’s customized servicing solutions maximize recovery value on each asset and our Senior Asset Managers actively manage portfolios at the loan level to optimize performance.

  • +Planet Financial Group

    Formed in June 2007 with corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida, Planet Management Group’s parent, Planet Financial Group, LLC, is a joint venture initiated between the Planet executive team and MHR Fund Management, a $5+ billion private equity firm based in New York, NY. MHR manages various private funds and primarily invests in middle-market companies with growth potential.

  • +Planet Home Lending

    Formed in 2007 to take advantage of disintermediation in the wake of the real estate crisis, Planet Home Lending is a national servicer of residential and small balance commercial mortgages, headquartered in Meriden, Connecticut. Planet began as a mortgage servicer when private-equity fund MHR recognized an opportunity to create value by purchasing and servicing residential mortgage assets.

    In 2013, the company parlayed its stellar record as agency default servicer to gain Ginnie Mae authority and opened a retail retention origination unit. Today, Planet Home Lending remains one of the only servicers to be granted Ginnie Mae authority before formally entering the residential mortgage originations business. Planet gained Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approvals the following year.

    By 2017, the growing proficiency of the $12B servicing operation allowed the company to create a dedicated private client sub-servicing unit focused on the management of NPL and RPL portfolios for investors, now known as Planet Management Group.

Our Management Team

  • +James DePalma  | Executive Vice President, Planet Management Group

    James DePalma’s more than three decades in mortgage finance include executive positions in Special Servicing, Default Management, Specialty Finance, Credit Administration, and Mortgage Trading. As Executive Vice President at Planet Home Lending, he leads Planet Management Group (PMG), the company’s comprehensive operating platform and trusted partner to investors in real estate-based assets.

    Previously, DePalma was president of Seneca Mortgage Servicing (FKA AMS Servicing), a $50+ billion loan servicing platform. While there, DePalma directed the build out of Prime Servicing, leading Seneca to over 200,000 units serviced in the prime space and enhancing the company’s national footprint in Special Servicing. In 2016, DePalma lead the conversion of Seneca’s special servicing platform to Planet Home Lending, and the sale of its primary servicing to Nationstar Mortgage. DePalma then lead the formation of Planet Management Group, a division of Planet Home Lending, LLC.

    Some of the best-known brands in mortgage banking have relied upon DePalma’s expertise, including Nomura Securities International, Inc., Arbor Commercial Mortgage, American Servicing Company (a division of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage), North American Mortgage, and Moody’s Investor Service.

  • +Samantha Manfer  | Executive Vice President, Business Development, Planet Management Group

    Companies seeking to squeeze maximum profitability from mortgage assets have turned to Samantha Manfer over the past two decades. A strategic thinker and charismatic leader, Manfer is known for her unique ability to help mortgage bankers, agencies, regulators, investment banks, private equity funds and other investors in real estate assets uncover and execute winning strategies for NP, RPL, high LTVs, high DTIs, residential transition loans (fix and flip,) and high-touch borrowers.

    Before joining PMG, Manfer directed business development for Prospect Mortgage, Ameripath Mortgage Co., and worked in warehouse lending for National City Bank. She gained inside knowledge of asset sales and acquisitions while serving as a Vice President in the auction industry and as a Sales Director for a correspondent and bulk acquisitions firm.

  • +Janina "Gigi" Woods  | Senior Vice President, Planet Management Group

    For more than 30 years, Janina Woods has built organizational excellence through the development of people, process, and technology, and the management of executive-level relationships in default management, special servicing, client services, and transaction management. As SVP of Planet Management Group, Woods manages PMG’s private client services, including special servicing for residential and transitional renovation products, contract negotiations, due diligence, servicing conversions, execution of asset management strategies, and tracking and reporting of performance results to investors.

    Before joining Planet, Woods was SVP of Portfolio Default Management at Seneca Mortgage Servicing where she was instrumental in building out the servicing platform, which was converted to PMG in 2016.

    She has held management positions at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Clayton/North American Mortgage Company, Sibley Mortgage Corporation, and First Federal Savings and Loan, Rochester, New York.

  • +Timothy Hapeman  | Vice President, Portfolio Management, Planet Management Group

    As Vice President of Portfolio Management, Timothy Hapeman uses data analytics and reporting to drive strategic decision-making for Planet Management Group clients. He gives clients insights at the loan, portfolio and aggregate deal levels through transparent reports comparing factors such as actual loan migration, payment velocity, security eligibility, expense trending, and trend analysis to original expectations.

    Before joining PMG, Tim was Vice President of Reporting and Analytics at Seneca Mortgage Servicing. He’s held management roles at Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual/North American Mortgage Company, where he managed foreclosure, bankruptcy, claims and real estate owned.

    Tim was also directly involved with the servicing acquisitions and sales associated with the mergers of Anchor/Dime, Dime/North American and North American/Washington Mutual as well as numerous non-performing bulk sales to private investors.

  • +Kelly Marling  | Vice President, Private Client Services

    As Planet Management Group’s Vice President of Private Client Services, Kelly Marling understands the importance of aggressively mitigating risk and minimizing losses by closely monitoring each loan and employing creative loss mitigation strategies.

    An expert in default, loss mitigation, diligence, and investor relations, her 30 years of industry experience inform her work devising servicing strategies and setting goals for clients and internal teams.

    Before coming to Planet in 2016, Marling was Assistant Vice President of Portfolio Performance for Seneca Mortgage Servicing. While there, she developed key vendor relationships including phone pay service, skip tracing, credit bureau reporting, and a door-knocking service. She has also served in critical positions at Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Lehman Brothers Deutsche Bank, EMC, and Morgan Stanley.

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